The ScriptCleanup addin for VuGen automates four scripting tasks that are commonly used by our consultants. After installation, restart VuGen and a menu item "Script Cleanup" will be added to the Edit menu. The addin only modifies the current open Action, so it is advisable to run the addin immediately after recording a script and before any modifcations are done.

  • Removes think times located inside transactions
  • Removes the <tab> before the lr_start_transaction and lr_end_transaction functions, which allows for easier readability of scripts
  • Adds step index numbers for each unique transaction name
  • Allows the scripter to add a prefix to each transaction name

Original Script
ScriptCleanup format


HP LoadRunner 9.52 Webservice VUsers lack the ability to specify channel send and receive timeouts. While webservice calls are intended to be fast running, this might not always be the case. The default timeouts are 60 seconds; if your webservice call takes longer than this, then the VUser will throw an exception. This patch modifies SOAWcfRouter.dll to allow you to specify a send and receive channel timeout. The patch was created with and can be applied with xdelta.

SOAWcfRouter.dll (MD5: 1e229b75ab954c1a64e080b6327e34f5)
SOAWcfRouter.xdelta (MD5: 1e5c75c23ef374ae95c3bdfef16a3e80)

script/WSDL/@config/*.stss configuration usage example:
<protocols scenario="customBinding" uiType="customBinding" xmlns=http://hp/ServiceTest/config>
    <mtomMessageEncoding addressingVersion="None" maxBufferSize="9965536"/>
    <httpTransport maxReceivedMessageSize="9965536" />
    <!-- How to set timeouts -->
    <binding sendTimeout="00:10:00" receiveTimeout="00:10:00" />
    <!-- How to set timeouts -->