Data Transitioning System (DTS)

Data Transitioning System, DTS, is a tool built by testers for testers. As part of best practices, testers will often break down complex business processes into many QTP or LoadRunner scripts. As a result of doing this, it can become difficult to pass different types of data between scripts. Hard coding might be acceptable for read-only systems, but when your application is producing and consuming data this isn't a viable option. As a result of hard coding data, testers will end up doing regular maintenance on scripts to keep them running. DTS alleviates these issues by allowing you to easily pass data between scripts. Data for test scripts can be generalized into two types: Publish/Consume and Referential

  • Publish/Consume - This type of data might be created by one script and then used by another. An example of this would be if you had one script create purchase orders and a second script that filled the orders.

  • Referential - This type of data might be used for one script to reference static or dynamic information from another script. An example of this would be if a script created a purchase order with an associated name, then a second script might work on a purchase order and need the associated name used to create it.

DTS can be utilized by HP's: QuickTest Professional, VuGen (Virtual User Generator), LoadRunner, Quality Center, and Business Availability Center. By coupling DTS with products like Quality Center and Business Availability Center, you can decrease testing time by letting scripts manage data themselves.

  • Integrates with LoadRunner versions 9.52 and 11.
  • Low overhead and can run on any WindowsXP, Windows 2003/2008 Server, Windows 7 desktop
  • Easy to use API with HP product integration
  • Import and Export data directly from the DTS user interface
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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