03/10/2016 - BrotliDfe for LoadRunner has been released.

   03/03/2016 - Steps documented to deploy LoadRunner VTS to a Linux server

   09/01/2015 - Rextency Technologies partners with HP to develop a prototype PCoIP protocol for HP's LoadRunner

   05/28/2015 - Atlassian Bamboo ALM Plugin Release

   03/25/2013 - Today we are launching our ALM / QC Performance Testing Toolkit.

   03/01/2013 - Rextency Technologies R&D is working on new service/technology offering, Performance Process Testing (PPT)

   10/08/2012 - Rextency Technologies donates hardware to the North Iredell High School J.E.T.S. Club

   10/01/2012 - Rextency Technologies launches local government software development service offering.

   08/22/2012 - We now offer a solution for load testing using client side certificates with the TruClient protocol, in LR 11.04.