Local Government Software Development

Rextency Technologies is a full stack software development, testing, and training company. Our consultants are local government and technology design experts which allows us to offer targeted solutions for our customers. Our staff professionals provide advanced understandings of policies and procedures most common with today's local government agencies. This leverage allows us to build solutions cheaper and faster than larger software companies. Larger companies offer prebuilt solutions while we design systems specifically for your agency. Why pay to customize a warehouse when we can build you a box specific to your needs? Below are some of the advantages of a full stack engineering company.

Advantages of full stack engineering companies::

  • Domain experts in the complete software development life cycle and business analysis.
  • Product customization from user interface design to functionality implementation.
  • Guaranteed software scalability.
  • End to end solutions with components designed and built to work together.
  • Assist companies/agencies in documenting their business workflows.
  • Onsite service delivery and support.
  • Onsite product training.