Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is an integral part of any software life cycle and with it high costs are usually associated with it as well. Using a tool such as HP's QuickTestPro (QTP), you can begin automating your minimal acceptance test suite (MATS). From there you can grow your automated test suites allowing you to save time on regression testing and even bug fixes. Rextency Technologies can help you design and implement a functional testing framework for your specific applications.

Risk based testing can help you manage and mitigate the risk of going live based on the number of test cases you have completed. Too often project timelines can cut testing short. Our consultants can help you interview your business analysts and technical resources to build risk projections for your test cases and defects.

Tracking test entities such as defects, test cases, and requirements is an essential part of testing. By using a tool such as HP's Quality Center (QC), now Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Rextency Technologies can help you implement standard best practices based on Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). Quality Center has lots of room for customization around defect life cycles and reporting. Our consultants can help you identify and implement the tool customizations required for your project.